EPZ-6438, an EZH2 inhibitor, is in phase II clinical trials at Epizyme for the treatment of patients with non-Hodgkin lymphomas who have an oncogenic point mutation in EZH2 and solid tumors in patients with INI1-negative tumors or SMARCA4-negative mutation and also in patients with relapsed/refractory synovial sarcoma. The product is also in phase I clinical studies in pediatric patients in solid tumors and synovial sarcoma.

In 2016, orphan drug designation was assigned to the compound in the U.S. for the treatment of malignant rhabdoid tumors (MRTs).

In 2011, Epizyme licensed the global rights of the product to Eisai. In 2015, Epizyme regained the global rights of development, manufacturing and commercialization of the product except Japan, where Eisai retains the rights.(据说是疗效太好,收回?)Epizyme与Eisai公司联合开发出一款强效EZH2抑制剂--EPZ011989 - zliming2004 - zliming2004的博客